The world needs more and more ecologically responsible companies. That's why the Brinox Group, one of the biggest manufacturers of housewares in Brazil, invites you to get to know Green Planet.

Products that reduce the impact on the environment with the quality you already know.

We work daily to reduce the impact of our production on the environment, and the sustainability factor guides our work every day. We want to bring the commitment to sustainability to the consumer's daily life, which is why we create several items produced with post-consumer recycled raw material.

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Our initiatives

Selo de produzido com energia renovável

Water treatment

Recyclable raw material

Conscious disposal

At Grupo Brinox, 100% of our operations use energy from renewable sources.

Since 2013, we have received the Renewable Energy Certificate for using only electricity from an environmentally sustainable matrix, with renewable and clean sources. In 2022, we reduced 210.33 tons of Carbon Dioxide in emissions at the Caxias do Sul/RS unit and 102.66 tons at the Linhares/ES unit using energy from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, biomass and Small Hydroelectric Power Plant (PCH). We purchase energy from the free market and demand that it comes from sustainable, renewable and clean sources.

All water used at the Headquarters, in Caxias do Sul, is treated at the company's Effluent Treatment Station (ETE), including effluents from the production process, cafeteria and toilets, which meet emission standards. We have a rainwater collection system with a storage capacity of 1 million liters. More than 60% of all water used comes from rainwater collection and storage. In our matrix, we have the capacity to treat and discard the flow of up to 130 m³/day of water. In Linhares, as the effluent generated in the industrial area has a smaller volume, our initial option was to treat it externally, in a licensed and certified station with proof of correct destination.

The main materials used in the manufacture of our products - stainless steel, aluminum and plastic - are 100% recyclable.

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, infinitely and without loss of quality. It is also the most reused material on the planet, with 630 million tons recycled per year, according to Worldsteel data. The aluminum used in our products from the Green Planet line is recycled from materials collected in the environment and the plastic from the Flora Ocean line is collected in cities located up to 50 km from the Brazilian coast.

We recycle more than 1,000 tons of materials - stainless steel, aluminum scrap, plastic, packaging, cardboard, etc., from all the Group's units and 10% of the raw material used in Coza is recycled.

87% of waste is recycled.

12% are co-processed.

Only 1% goes to landfill.

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